Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New site added to Dave's Places In Radiology

An international group of Radiologists and educators developed Radiolopolis, which is a Radiology community for education, research and clinical practice. Radiolopolis is exponentially growing with almost 700 new members since March this year - faster growing than any other radiological community. The community is focussed on only radiological professionals - radiologists, residents and technologists.
What makes Radiolopolis so unique is that it concentrates multiple (some awarded) individual projects in this community, promoting in return these projects to a growing professional Radiology community.
We just implemented a blog feature, which allows every Radiolopolis member to run his/her own Radiology blog. We would now like to invite all radiology professionals to become a part of this Radiology community.
Radiolopolis has been awarded as "Top 50 Radiology and Sonography Technician Blogs" by Radiology Technician Schools.

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RadiologyTrader.com said...

I have been to that site a few times. The fellow that runs it, is a very nice fella.